• How to contact dogways.info

    If you wish to contact me about something on the site please e-mail as below. I will not be able to give any advice about specific individual dogs behaviour problems as it is of the utmost importance to see any dog with a problem for myself and in its home and other environments where said problems occur. Also a detailed history of the dog to date (if known ) would have to be researched and recorded with the present owner/owners in attendance. If this does not happen before behaviour modifacation (if required) takes place then there is the chance of actually making things worse as you try to modify behaviour for the wrong reasons. Any problem dog has to be looked at individually and in it's entirety before any behaviour work can be done.

    Having said the above if you do live within a sensible driving distance of Eastbourne/Hastings in Sussex England then I could be personally available for advice and help in selecting a puppy/dog and helping in putting you on the right road of dog ownership, again you can e-mail at the below address to discuss this, many thanks Paul.

    In the first instance please email me at: info@dogways.info