Welcome to my page about my first book, "Elmer no ordinary wolf", a fictional novel about a wolf called Elmer. We follow Elmer for one year as he leaves his birth family to find a partner, home and a family to call his own. My hope for the reader is that they will enjoy the story but also learn much about wolves (the mother of our best friend the dog), their way of life, and all that goes on around them. As a canine behaviourist, passionate nature enthusiast and lifelong lover of dogs, I have put my love and knowledge of these things into my writing, making it I think, not just fictional but also accurate and factual. After having read my book I hope you will have a greater understanding of wolves and in some ways also your dog, that you will have a good idea why man first thought to domesticate the wolf to give us our best friend, the dog. Perhaps they domesticated us in some way, maybe dogs decided to live with us because we were so much like them, highly social, lovers of family and a home. I hope if you get a copy of my book you enjoy reading it and learn much.

    You can buy my book as an e-book and paperback on Amazon, and also from Lulu as a paperback.